Why Print Media is Essential for your advertising Campaign?

Print media has a long history of being a powerful, compelling tool in a  brand’s communications arsenal,  and this has never been more true than the era of digital. In an age of newsfeed scrolling and web banners, brands are having to condense their messages into shorthand, keyword focussed quotes and Facebook approved image layouts (regardless of how well that actually tells the brand story).

The fact that we’re now limited to the size of the consumer’s device screen presents a multitude of limitations on a brand’s creative, where their story could be exponentially more engaging without the constraints of digital channels. As part of a successful campaign strategy, leveraging the evocative power of print is integral. It’s tactile, can be designed and personalised in an infinite number of styles and substrates, and made to physically show the consumer what the brand’s identity stands for. Taking the example of the FMCG sector, TV campaign ROI was shown to increase 61% when used in combination with print. There’s something in the tangibility and opportunities offered by print, which is a core element in the fabric of brilliant advertising campaigns that deliver results.

Why Print?

1. Print catches your eye

digital printed book showcasing print media advertising capabilities

Studies show that reaching out to customers with printed ads will find those ads receive for more attention than their digital counterparts. In a study run by Royal Mail, it was found that printed mail received nearly four times the open rates of email. When people are sifting through their overloaded inboxes, they are probably looking for personal mail and just may click on one of the many brand emails jostling for their attention. It was found that an impressive 92% of people read the door drops they receive, and 59% were inspired to look on the company website to find out more. Receiving a well-considered, engaging message or piece of content through the letterbox means people will stop to scan over it. This study from Columbus university highlights that digital communications are processed far more quickly than physical, printed ones, and so the recall and emotional engagement was also revealed as much higher with print.


2. Print evokes emotion

creative circle book to showcase print media capabilities


Temple University looked into our psychological reactions to information delivered by print and digital, revealing the implications of choosing each medium. Although customers didn’t seem to actively prefer either channel above the other, the difference in how information was received and stored was huge. When receiving the same amount of information, participants were seen to be able to recall far more from print ads, and experienced a greater emotional response.  Print engaged the areas of the brain linked to value and desire far more than digital, enabling the content to have a more profound impact.


3. Print delivers results

dior jadore banner for print media advertising


As we mentioned at the start, print has been shown to deliver results as part of an omni-channel marketing campaign. The consultants at Brand Science launched a study of over 500 European ad campaigns to find that ROI saw an increase of 61% when print was added to an integrated marketing mix.

In a digitally focussed market, print offers a way to engage audiences with a different, personalised approach that is both evocative and trusted to deliver. Given vast array of options brands have to create personalised, beautiful and tangible marketing assets, it’s not surprising that print is a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd. Be it door drops, leaflets, printed catalogues, brand books (the list goes on), there’s a wealth of opportunity to let print unleash the potential of your next campaign.

Article originally posted on Creativepool to celebrate International Print Day.

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