What Happened When Loveurope Took a Trip to Springfield


We decided to have a little fun this month and take the team at Loveurope HQ on a trip to sunny Springfield. Everyone from production managers, designers and account managers sent off their snaps to get Simpsoned up on open-source platform Fiverr.

Online open-source business models have seen a meteoric rise in recent years. They provide a place for people to lend their skills, hobbies and even homes to take some pain away from our busy lives. It is platforms like this that show us the natural evolution of the independent market, which has seen a steep decline in the physical world.

At a time when we increasingly live our lives through screens these platforms, by encouraging us to share with one another, give us a refreshing opportunity to reconnect with the outside world. They show us that human connections aren’t always hindered by the internet, but can in fact be enhanced.

This innovative approach to business benefits both parties beyond financial gain; giving that fuzzy feeling of doing something nice for someone, and being nice in return. These principles are important to us here at Love, which is why we decided to show our support. If you haven’t already taken part, is there a better time to start than Christmas?

Check out our Simpson-esque Hall of Fame at the Loveurope headquarters in Clerkenwell, running until December.

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