Transcreation and UK Broadcast Compliance for Waterpik’s US DRTV spot

It can be a challenge for overseas brand owners to navigate their way to a UK broadcast. As part of our comprehensive versioning and localisation services, our Film and Post team helped to bring Waterpik to British TV screens.

British advertising codes have strict rules in place to ensure that commercials won’t be misleading to viewers and that any claims of a product’s effectiveness are backed up by evidence submitted to the clearance organisation. These rules also cover the display of on-screen small print for a specific duration as well as the wording of the script and graphics. Our team of creative copywriters helped to make adjustments to the US script while our TV admin team liaised with clearance organisations and the clients to make sure that the revised script satisfied national broadcast regulations as well as meeting the brand owner’s approval.

In addition to smoothing the path to broadcast, LEAP’s production team filmed a pack shot replacement scene in our green screen studio. Our producers also organised the recording and audio mix of a British voice-over artist. Finally, our post-production team provided the necessary edits and technical QC to deliver the new UK master to our playout partner for broadcast.

Find out more about LEAP’s versioning services in our brief video.

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