Viking Cruises Sponsorship Idents – For the Late Nighters

LEAP’s creatives and Film and Post team worked hand-in-hand with our clients Atomic to produce two series of sponsorship idents for Viking Cruises. The first 30 spots appeared on five UKTV network stations, and the second series of 14 were broadcast on ITV3.

We helped the agency as they developed a new look for the brand, which dispenses with the usual depictions of the Viking Cruise ships and instead features beautiful scenes of locations that guests can visit. As there would be no voiceover for the sponsorships, they relied instead on a clear musical soundtrack that would speak for the brand. We partnered with SNK Studios to create a bespoke musical composition for the audio mnemonic. Subtle sound design elements were also added to bring the pictures to life.

Our colourist ensured that location footage from various sources looked as stunning as it would in real life. Our online editors provided VFX fixes and cleanup, applied supers and branding for the numerous channels, and they made sure that all the technical specifications were met for delivery to the stations via our broadcast playout partners.

The sponsorships look and sound beautiful. Now, we have to decide which of the amazing destinations we want to explore first!

Watch a short video about our fully account managed playout process.

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