Versioning, Clearance and Delivery for Moët Hennessy Luxury Alcohol Brands

The approach of warmer weather and the NBA playoffs have given rise to the Veuve Clicquot ‘Good Day Sunshine’ and Hennessy x NBA ‘Game Never Stops’ campaigns. MHUK tasked LEAP with providing versioning, clearance, and delivery of the BVOD and Cinema ads for the luxury alcohol brands in the British market.

As Philippe Schaus, CEO of Moët Hennessy declares,

Our 25 Houses are all inspired by the same spirit of perfection, shaped by the ongoing quest for innovation they pursue daily, from production and marketing to distribution, in order to continually strengthen the appeal and reputation of our brands.

With such an emphasis on perfection, it is an honour have been trusted as the UK advertising production partner to LVMH for more than a decade. LEAP’s dedicated luxury account directors ensure the smooth running of the localisation process for several LVMH Houses, and this is a particularly important responsibility for their luxury alcohol brands.

The Cinema Advertising Association (CAA), Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) have strict rules for alcohol marketing campaigns. Of the two Moët Hennessy campaigns we handled, the Hennessy x NBA campaign was under the closest scrutiny. ‘Game Never Stops’ is a brand campaign featuring international talent who represent popular subcultures surrounding the NBA in music, fashion, and visual arts and features Masiwei, Kevin Couliau, Stephane Ashpool and AJ Tracey.

We needed to supply evidence to demonstrate that the featured artists, as well as their target audience, were safely above the legal drinking age. When the CAA ruled that the client’s master creative contained cast members who looked under 25, a revised edit was needed. LEAP’s account directors liaised with key stakeholders – brand managers, media agency reps, cinema distributors and compliance organisations to achieve clearance and ensure tight delivery deadlines would be met.

LEAP’s Film and Post team worked closely with our account directors, versioning the client’s master creative films across both campaigns to provide the necessary frame rate conversions for cinema playouts as well as a different set of file specifications for BVOD streaming plus the on-screen text edits for title-safe campaign messaging and legal regulation fulfilment. LEAP also organised and attended Dolby surround sound sessions to ensure the cinema ads would sound as spectacular as the client intended. Our post-production experts took care of the full range of technical checks to ensure broadcast clearance and compliance. The final step was delivery and confirmation to our clients.

Want to know more? Watch a video about our fully account managed playout process.

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