Transcreation and Localisation for Vanguard Financial Services Marketing

Over the past few years, LEAP have been working with asset management firm, Vanguard to provide transcreation and artwork services to localise marketing materials in various European markets. When it became time to prepare a new multichannel campaign to promote their Advisor Support service in Germany, Vanguard enlisted LEAP for our localisation and artwork versioning services.

To raise awareness of their specialised investment services, platforms and literature, Vanguard’s agency created a comprehensive brochure, video, digital banners and a press ad for the UK market. Vanguard’s German branch would need versions of these materials to speak to their local audience. A simple translation would not be sufficient; deeper insights and transcreation would be necessary to ensure effectiveness in the local market.

LEAP Language and Culture worked closely with Vanguard’s European headquarters in the UK, the German team and their advertising agency to coordinate an effective workflow. Vanguard’s German branch provided LEAP with information about the investment habits of customers in their market to identify investment funds and services that should be given more prominence in the campaign when launched in Germany. These turned out to be different from the interests and needs in the original UK market.

A key challenge was to find the balance between maintaining campaign and brand cohesion across all markets while ensuring that the marketing materials were specifically localised for the target audience.

Our transcreation account managers marshalled a team of our in-market experts to provide localised copywriting and proofreading. Their specialist experience within the finance sector, as well as their local-market expertise, ensured effective transcreation of the client’s written text and voice over scripts.

The different emphasis across markets affected the artwork as well as the copy, so our artworkers adapted graphic elements and reshuffled the page order of the brochure accordingly. In addition to adapting the brochure and press ads, LEAP’s digital designers worked with the transcreated copy and artwork guidance to create German versions of a series of digital banners.

Tight timings meant that LEAP needed to work on the German versions before the British marketing materials had been finalised. Our transcreation account managers worked closely with our artwork teams to facilitate the efficient preparation of assets and ensure that all aspects of the marketing documents had final approval from key stakeholders across both markets.

LEAP’s integrated advertising production teams were pleased to have helped to produce and deliver an effective localised campaign for Vanguard Germany.

Get in touch with our transcreation account managers or client services team to enquire about localisation for your next international campaign.

Vanguard Germany localised Press Ad

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