Transcreation and European Localisation for Waterpik

Last year, agency Church and Dwight commissioned LEAP to refresh a DRTV campaign for Waterpik by filming a dental professional to promote the oral hygiene benefits of the Waterpik water flosser. The success of the commercial in the UK market encouraged the brand’s EMEA Product Manager to call upon LEAP to provide transcreation and localisation of the ad for their European digital campaign.

LEAP’s integrated advertising production teams were able to ensure a smooth production and delivery process and provide our client with a centrally managed service to take care of all the necessary changes in copy, voiceover recordings, revised edits, and deliverables.

EMEA Product Manager Clementine Sive said:

This project could have been very complicated with multiple moving parts but working with LEAP simplified everything. No ask was too big and LEAP’s proactiveness was appreciated to ensure the delivery of the videos on time and within budget.

Under the watchful eye of our transcreation account managers, our Language and Culture team reworked the scripts for voiceovers and on-screen text for audiences in selected European markets. With a tight twenty-second script, it was a linguistic challenge to make sure the copy would fit and feel comfortable in each local language. Some English phrases are much longer when translated into other languages, but LEAP’s network of in-market copywriters found just the right way to get the message across for each local audience.

The trickiest line in terms of length was, “Proven to remove up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas and is up to 50% more effective than string floss for improving gum health.” Conferring with the client, our translators came up with a nicely flowing voice over script that condensed the point about flossing. And, by making use of the superimposed text, we were still able to present the product benefits of improved gum health in the localised commercials.

LEAP’s Film and Post team enlisted our VFX artists to rework the existing live-action product packshots to feature different products relevant to each market. Rather than reshoot for each local ad, the VFX team used product photographs and added lighting and shadows to sit them into a turntable camera animation. Our editors also amended the on-screen supers to the relevant languages, localising with retailer logos and website addresses for each market.

Everything was handled with friendly efficiency and expert quality assurance, keeping our client in the loop at every stage of the process with a dedicated point of contact.

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