Transcreating the Language of Luxury into Russian for Antares Barcelona

Antares Barcelona, a design masterpiece from world-renowned architect Odile Decq, needed to speak the language of luxury to attract international investors, which meant finding the right transcreation partner. On the recommendation of our client Sectorlight, the exclusive, high-rise residential development commissioned LEAP’s Language and Culture team to transcreate their entire website, Antares Barcelona into Russian and support their digital marketing campaign with specialist multilingual SEO services.

While some elements of the website needed straightforward translation to convey information, others required creative input to craft a Russian version of the brand’s tone of voice – ‘understated modern luxury’. LEAP’s international network of native language and culture experts covers not only the cream of the crop of copywriters and proofreaders, but also those with expertise in a wide range of specialist sectors, including the luxury property market. Our in-market experts were thus able to maximise appeal for our client’s target audience.

To coincide with their website launch, Antares Barcelona also wanted to run a PPC campaign in Russia. LEAP Language and Culture provides specialist services in multilingual SEO for multi-asset global campaigns, so it was only natural that we facilitated this key campaign element for our client.

Taking as reference the UK PPC campaign, our SEO expert in Russia carried out keyword research to identify the relevant search terms most likely to be used by a Russian audience and then transcreated the English-language ads into Russian. The focus was twofold: to ensure that the ad copy resonated well with the Russian audience and to incorporate the appropriate keywords within the ad copy. This would, in turn, boost the online performance of the ads in terms of impressions, as well as the click-through rate of potential buyers.

LEAP’s London-based transcreation account managers ensured a smooth-running workflow, including client care, timely progress, and quality assurance throughout the project. Once the Russian website was built, our in-market team carried out a thorough in-situ linguistic check to make sure the copy was error-free and provided a seamless user journey.

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