The True Colours of Advertising

As the marketing director, the brand manager or the creative agency, you go to a lot of trouble to come up with your new advertising campaign. First there’s the research, measuring up the competition and market insight in preparation. Then by taking into account existing brand ethos, budgetary constraints and any current brand ambassadors, you can start cultivating that ‘genius’ light bulb moment.

Once the concept has been approved and been through creative development, you need to ensure your assets can then get produced in the right place, with people who have the same attention and have the same exacting standards and pride as you do.

The attention to detail we pay at a production level is unparallelled. Because we know it’s the tiniest of things that really matter, and – as the saying goes – the devil really is in the detail.

One of the details we really pay attention to is colour – which is why we employ the best talent who specialise in their respective fields of colour management, be it with ink on paper or pixels on screen.

Of course talking about colour consistency across an OOH advertising campaign and television commercials is like comparing apples to orangutans. Having said that, with the in-house talent and technological resources to hand, LEAP can ensure the closest possible match is achieved.

Our Film and Post team works with some of the best specialist colour graders in the industry. Naturally, the talent we employ matches our resources and technology in order to support the best-quality final output.

The same attitude is applied in print, where we hire senior, experienced colour management experts, who strive for perfection. These colourists are typically used on OOH advertising, like the J’adore and Miss Dior campaigns, ensuring the right balance is met, consistent with the brand messaging.

Guaranteeing colour consistency across all media and platforms is near impossible, however with the talent, technology and resources available at LEAP, we can deliver the best production for those campaigns that you go to all that trouble for.

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