Bringing the Creative Circle’s 2017 Annual Creation to Life

Printing the Creative Circle’s 2017 Annual Book

Given the anticipation and industry buzz that surrounds the release of the Creative Circle Annual, we were excited to be invited by Grey London to bring this year’s elaborate, powerful creation to life. Working with their bold design and the anarchic, industry disrupting concept from current Creative Circle president Vicki Maguire, we used a range of techniques and print technologies, both old and new, to craft and deliver these highly stylised, limited edition books.

The Creative Circle Annual 2017 from Grey London on Vimeo.

From initial brief and concept discussions, we spent two months developing the feel, the weight and the textures which we felt would enhance and complement the design. The final printing required a slow, meticulous process to ensure the colours stood bold and vibrant on the text pages and the metallic foils were hand matched to the cloth bound cover. For the final assembly of the 300 limited editions, we chose an ancient binding process, involving the use of hand dyed thread and left this binding open for everyone to admire.

Applying the same production values, we produced A2 posters, black with a green silk screen overlay, and a similarly styled box within which to deliver the full package.


Grey London – The Creative Circle

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