Language and Culture Global Marketing Breakfast

Cannes, Jun 2015

Language and Culture hosted their annual Global Marketing Breakfast at the Palais des Festival in Cannes during the festival. We were joined by highly intelligent and insightful individuals from around the advertising world – both agency and brand side. Some of our guests included top directors from Twitter, Mr. President, and Cheil.

In this digital age where social media is taking over (literally – in December 2014 social overtook TV as the most popular form of media in the world) many brands are falling behind and are questioning what they need to be doing. The answer to everyone’s worried questions in respect to succeeding in the online world is one thing:


There are now over 2 billion active social media accounts in the world. That’s bigger than Christianity. That’s more than the total population of Europe, the US AND India!

But brands don’t need to be so fearful about this open-source platform for competition to reach their audience too. In an interview with Marilyn Manson during the Festival, he said: “It makes the best rise to the top… If everyone can make music they’d make better music.”

The key is recognising your own brand strongest assets, and staying true to your identity – it’s the only way to stand out among those 2 billion and growing accounts worldwide!

LEAP language and culture helps brands listen to conversations around the world, captures the good stuff, transforms the content to make sure it’s on-brand, in the distinct tone of voice of the company and locally-relevant, to then push it out to audiences around the world that truly creates impact. This is an intelligent solution for brands that want to make their central marketing efforts go further, with engaging content that truly resonates in local cultures, amplifying the good and containing the bad.

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