Extending the Tetley ‘Need a Me Moment?’ Campaign with Digital Services

LEAP’s integrated advertising production set-up allows us to help our clients to easily extend their creative campaign across multiple channels. Spark44 had been pleased with the results of our work across the Super Teas and Cold Infusion campaigns. We had provided them with photography and previsualisationvideo production and post as well as digital design and build services. For the Tetley ‘Need a Me Moment?’ campaign, our digital team once again set to work with agency creatives and the film and post team to bring the new multichannel campaign to life.

Planning ahead to make the most of the shoot and content creation opportunities, LEAP’s film and post team produced a set of live-action assets which they shared with LEAP’s digital designers. Using hand-coded animation techniques, our designers developed a series of HTML5 banner ads to integrate the creative themes and content from Tetley’s social media marketing into the digital campaign.

For brands seeking to maximise their reach, hand-coding is an absolute must. Some media publishers cannot handle video formats due to the technical limitations of many hosting sites. LEAP’s expertise in hand-coding helps our clients work around those restrictions. We can create and deliver great looking content that will work elegantly across a wide range of sites to ensure clients can get the most from their media plan.

Read the rest of the ‘Need a Me Moment?’ story for insights into our Covid-safe video production workflows.

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