Specialist Artwork and Confidential Production for FSCS

For several years, LEAP have provided a specialist studio service to produce the Annual Report and Class Statements documents on behalf of The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) for presentation to The House of Commons.

Working closely with the FSCS design team and FSCS auditors, we manage all stages of production of both of these highly technical documents. This year, the Annual Report consisted of 130 pages, and the Class Statements document amounted to 36 pages. Both involved specialist typesetting, charts and tabular formatting as well as graph illustrations. Due to the volume of content, we are required to provide several stages of confidential proofing and review during an eight- to ten-week production timeline. To ensure complete security, we have set up a number of security measures including a secure server for exchanging soft proofs and an in-house shredding service for all paper proofs.

Once final versions are approved, our studio team create interactive, online tablet-enabled versions of the documents, as well as filing copies for Government and Companies House records. During post-production review meetings, the team at FSCS provided excellent feedback on our service levels, accuracy and quality control standards, commending our studio and production team for ‘the efficiency and accuracy of our services’.

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FSCS official document typesetting covers

FSCS official document typesetting chart detail FSCS official document typesetting graphs 1


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