Social Media video content creation for Lucozade Energy

As part of Lucozade Energy’s Find Your Flow campaign, digital agency, AnalogFolk, contacted our production team with the ambitious task of finding people who could do ordinary things in extraordinary ways. After our casting researchers successfully fulfilled this difficult brief, the agency then commissioned us to provide a full-service production solution to create the video content for the brand’s digital and social media channels.

We worked closely with the fantastic Creatives and producers at AnalogFolk to develop the exciting scenarios for the talented performers. Given the extremely tight deadlines to hit the social media launch dates, the production team worked tirelessly on every little detail from finding the perfect mailroom to selecting a flexible wardrobe for our contortionist. Our quick-reacting crew, under the direction of Lee Bamsey, were able to capture all the magical moments of our talented folks in Flow mode.

Once the impressive footage was in the can, the team returned to the edit suite to select the best takes of Peter’s breakfast trick shots, Javier’s flashy mail sorting, Tom’s flair-filled food prep, Russ’s incredible parking, and Delia’s acrobatic break time. Our motion graphics team assisted in creating and animating the graphics and end device to fit in with specific OOH and TV campaigns. Meanwhile, our producers arranged a music search to find a piece that would provide the right level of energy and atmosphere to complement the videos while still tying-in with the TV commercial.

The digital campaign integrated the Lucozade Energy website, the brand’s Vine page, Twitter feed, Facebook profile, YouTube channel and pre-rolls, so we had to craft the films to fit the creative and technical specifications of a broad spectrum of uses. The videos have had an incredible response, racking up millions of views, hundreds of thousands of loops, tens of thousands of likes and loads of shares.

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