Sky Go Extra CGI Campaign

CGI Imagery for the Newest Sky Go Extra Campaign

In partnership with Table19 and broadcast giant Sky, Loveurope and Partners were brought on board to create the CGI imagery for the newest Sky Go Extra campaign.

Sky Go Extra is a new entertainment service that enables users to watch high quality TV shows, films, news and sports on any electronic device.

As part of their wider advertising campaign for this exciting new service, Loveurope worked on the CGI for their digital banner campaign, including the creation of hotel scene elements – like a silky pillow and wooden breakfast tray – as well as a spa scene with fluffy towels and warm candles.

It was of upmost importance that the imagery created had the most natural and realistic look possible, which is why Sky decided to work with our talented CGI experts.

From approved scamps the team was briefed to create imagery and colouring, modeled to the style of previous Sky Go campaigns. These textured and rich images surpassed the client’s expectations, providing the best quality imagery for their campaign.

cgi imagery for the sky go extra campaign advert

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