Russian Transcreation and Marketing Production for Portonovi

Strategic design agency Sectorlight wanted to attract Russian investors and property buyers to luxury development Portonovi, Montenegro on behalf of their client, Azmont Investments. They needed a partner to handle the transcreation and studio production of marketing and informational assets from English into Russian, ensuring that the brand’s look and feel, tone of voice and key messages would not get lost in translation.

Sectorlight outlined their requirements and provided the English language copy for a press ad, the website’s legal statements and privacy policy, the beach and pool rules for in-situ signage as well as three comprehensive brochures – one for investors, another for hosts and a third for those seeking general information.

Our Language Account Managers interpreted the brief through the lens of language and culture to provide our in-market copywriters with the guidance they would need to achieve our client’s desired results. By developing a large network of highly vetted, in-market talent, we were able to select copywriters with specialist expertise in the luxury sector.

Each set of copy required a different approach: translation for the legal statements and privacy policy, whereas transcreation would be necessary for the other elements of the project. Everything would need to embody the brand values of understated luxury – quality, refinement and discretion, rather than brash ostentation. Naturally, marketing copy for the press ads would strike a different tone from signs informing guests of rules for waterfront amenities! The bigger job would be the three brochures.

Our copywriters would need to adjust the tone of voice to reflect the nuances of messages aimed at different audiences. Our dedicated Language Account Managers would also need to ensure that the perfectly-honed transcreated messaging would carry through to the design and layout of the finished documents for high-quality print assets. While other agencies may have had to work with external studios for the later stages, our uniquely integrated approach allowed us to seamlessly handle transcreation and design workflows under one roof.

The twelve-page fact sheet needed to be informative and descriptive about property types and amenities but also include some luxury lifestyle images and copy. The 104-page brochure for hosts needed to attract potential buyers by using copy and imagery to create desire for Portonovi’s luxury lifestyle offering, as well as providing an understanding of some of the more practical details. Our Russian copywriters transcreated the text to help the audience picture themselves entertaining guests at residences in Portonovi, while our design studio ensured the layout and artwork reflected the refined quality of the luxury resort.


For the 28-page investor brochure, Portonovi needed to appeal to investors on an emotional and financial level while still placing emphasis on the financial benefits. The transcreated text focused on the advantages of investing in a Eurozone region with comparatively low taxes. It highlighted that Montenegro is on track to join the EU within a few years and the region, dubbed the New Riviera, has become a desirable tourist hotspot.

Once the Russian language copy was signed off, our studio could get to work designing the exquisite brochures. The large scope of the documents in a foreign language with a different alphabet may challenge other studios, but LEAP’s production studio is well-versed in preparing documents for our international clients. Our designers, artworkers, typesetters and project managers worked together with our language team to quickly resolve any queries and provide multi-language proofreading and quality assurance.

Our clients Sectorlight were so pleased with LEAP’s work that they recommended us to Antares, another luxury property developer seeking Russian transcreation, for their brand’s website and SEO campaign.

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