A recruitment film with a difference – partnering with Talent Collective for Santander Carlton Park

Loveurope and Partners (LEAP) is a business built on partnership, so we enjoy working with the professional marketing community to create inspiring content for our clients. Working in partnership with Talent Collective, our employer-branding team at LEAP Chichester created a recruitment film for Santander to attract employees to their Carlton Park location in Leicester.

Recruitment Film Santander Carlton Park establishing shot

The brief was to showcase the benefits of working out of the city in a campus-style environment to potential candidates. We decided to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ the Carlton Park story. Filming on location with creative direction from Roger Cayless and camerawork by DOP David Hoare, we took the bold decision to avoid employee vox pops, voiceovers and rousing corporate stock music – ubiquitous in recruitment films. Instead, the audience is taken through the campus in a series of aesthetically pleasing sequences linked by a simple, loose narrative.

Dining room drinks Recruitment Film Santander Carlton Park

We featured Santander employees naturalistically in their workplace to convey the job roles available, the friendly working environment and the sense of teamwork. To bring the recruitment film together, we crafted a heightened soundscape with atmospheric music and simple, motion-tracked, on-screen typography to support the visuals – subtly selling the benefits of working in Carlton Park to potential employees. To provide added value, we ensured that the film would be able to be edited into a series of smaller snippets for social media use. The filming experience was enjoyable for our team, and we’re sure that prospective employees will be inspired to join Carlton Park Santander.

Recruitment Film Santander Carlton Park Colleagues

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