Procell promotional figure persuades professional customers

Frequently replacing dead batteries is not only annoying but also surprisingly costly. To illustrate the competitive advantages of Procell’s longer lasting batteries, the Duracell-owned brand and their creative agency, Wunderman Thomson commissioned LEAP to produce and package a run of an anti-hero action figure, Battery Charger Man. The Battery Charger Man figure would tie in with the brand’s video campaign, raising awareness and creating a witty, emotional connection with Procell’s B2B customer base.

Creating the Battery Charger Man figures was no easy feat. The latest 3D printing technology cannot yet provide the ‘lifelike’ detail required for the figures. LEAP’s Print and Promotions experts researched alternatives and teamed up with a resin production specialist to implement a cost-effective solution that would better meet the creative brief.

2D to 3D proof Battery Changer Man figure Procell

Resin figurines usually require a life-size body scan before commencing production, but this wasn’t available. Fortunately, the agency could provide a CGI visual reference of the character, the packaging artwork and a 360-degree video of a living embodiment of the Battery Charger Man. LEAP was able to transform the reference materials into a 3D CGI production model which could be used to create a resin figure and demo pack for client approval. Upon receiving sign-off, we produced and packaged a final run of fifty Battery Charger Man figures along with the packaging.

Gloriously gormless Battery Charger Man comes with an on-pack (downsides) features list, care instructions and warning notices which emphasise the labour costs of constantly replacing ordinary dead batteries. A QR code and Procell branding encourage industry sector customers to make the switch to their superior product range.

LEAP was delighted to help Wunderman Thomson and Procell reach their professional industry customers in a unique, humorous way.

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