Posters and Postcards for Cheil Celebrate Progressive Contemporary Craft


Design at Cheil London has created a series of limited-edition images that celebrate the diversity of output it produces on behalf of its clients in a rotating exhibition sponsored by Loveurope. Produced and installed by our print and promotions team, the large 2.5×1.5 metre free-hanging posters feature beautifully crafted design projects inspired by clients including Etihad Airlines, Lego, Absolut and Samsung. They have been created to challenge and inspire the agency and its partners to continue to create progressive contemporary craft, which lies at the heart of the Cheil proposition. Alongside the posters, we also produced a series of postcards so Cheil’s visitors  could take away a little of this striking artwork with them.



Georgia Baretta, Creative Director at Cheil London, said: “We’ve decided to retrospectively translate the essence of some of the agency’s major projects into visually seductive pieces of design. A poster and postcard series of limited edition prints that celebrate the agency’s dedication to a brief as a whole, a visual essay of the daily focus of the entire agency’s efforts. It’s also a way to focus the lens on our faculties as a department, to challenge ourselves and our partners to create progressive, contemporary craft – the stuff we believe lies at the heart of engagement. Because of this, it’s critical for us to exercise our craft muscles where ever we’re inspired to do so. What better place to find inspiration than within our own daily challenges and the quality of our output?”


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