Packshot photography and imagery services for WowHydrate

Loveurope and Partners (LEAP) produced product pack shot photography for innovative drinks brand, WowHydrate to showcase the new product range. The push-cap drinks company was launched by four entrepreneurs in 2016 who saw a gap in the market for healthier, sugar-free soft drinks. Now supplying supermarkets, health clubs as well as direct to consumers, the brand’s founders are keen to inspire everyone living an active lifestyle to try WowHydrate.

Working with a specialist food and drink photographer, LEAP client services manager, Jake Bullman arranged a studio photo shoot with retouching and image finishing services provided by our in-house artworkers. In addition, we created 3D renders of the bottles using our photographs, so in future, labels could be updated and changed without incurring the costs and time associated with a re-shoot.

Naturally, it was a blast to work with WowHydrate on this project, and Francesca Ciccone shared their appreciation. “The work we received from LEAP was nothing but exceptional, all renders were received on time (which was especially impressive given the short deadline). The renders were high quality and looked great.”


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