Our Favourite Ads of the Week 27/11/2015

Samsung – Happy Accidents

Whilst most brands urge customers to avoid the chaos of Black Friday and head online, Samsung has tried a more appreciative approach towards our burning desire for consumption. We all know the pain of not owning the latest model, and this ad shows people a way to stop it.


Hovis – Good On the Inside

Continuing its Boy on a Bike theme from 3 years ago, Hovis encourages our tech obsessed youngsters to get out of the house and explore. Not before they pack a sandwich though.

Amazon Prime – The Lonely Little Horse

Finally, My Little Pony is brought to life! Amazon Prime’s latest ad appeals to all those big kids who are still too impatient to wait till Christmas. And it has a small pony. We like the small pony.



Lidl have had a year of consistently good advertising and this is a nice way to finish. Well, someone’s got to make sure Santa’s ‘ho’s are kept in check.


Sorteo De Navidad (Spanish Lotto) – There’s No Bigger Prize Than Sharing

Saving the best until last: this season’s biggest heart warmer goes to the Spanish lottery Christmas ad by Leo Burnett. Using a similar theme to the John Lewis Christmas ad (a lonely old man), it does a fantastic job of making the lottery relevant in the context of work relationships as well as Christmas. A job very well done.

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