Our Favourite Ads of the Month

BBC: Goodbye to a Showbiz Giant

This month, the nation mourned the loss of a comedy legend, Ronnie Corbett. The TV personality’s career, which spanned over five decades, produced some of Britain’s best loved programmes, including The Two Ronnies and The Frost Report. To commemorate Ronnie – a man small in stature, but big in personality – the BBC and agency RKCR/YR created a witty and touching image to be shared across social media. A very apt farewell.

Google: Google Cardboard Plastic

Following on from last year’s tomfoolery, Google have released their latest April Fool’s product campaign. After the success 2015’s Google Cardboard, the search engine giant has released yet another “groundbreaking” product into the market, Google Cardboard Plastic.

This latest invention, which introduces the next phase virtual reality, features impressive 360° sound technology, 2020 vision  AND it’s waterproof! Good job Google, we all know what’s going to be on our Christmas lists this year…



Apple: Distractingly Good 

So since its launch, Apple Music has blessed us with an impressive roster of celebrity endorsed adverts, and this time they’ve outdone themselves with the absolute powerhouse that is Taylor Swift. In this, ‘distractingly good’ spot indeed, Apple show us how they can help get our #GymFlow pumping, accompanied by the sweet sweet sound of Swifty rapping. Oh and did we forget to mention the epic drop at the end? Whoever that stunt double is, they deserve a medal. More of this please, Apple.

Polish Public Service Announcement: Disabled Firefighters

Over in Poland, this public service announcement takes on the issue of integration, and encourages people to change their attitudes towards recruiting people with disabilities.
The ad, made by Walk Digital has racked up over 200,000 views on Youtube, a pretty impressive feat without any sort of media budget. Like it or not, this one has certainly served it’s purpose and managed to get people talking about the issue at hand.

Green Party: The Secret Life of Politicians

Saving the best until last, is the amazing new election broadcast from the Green Party. This hilarious spot by Creature London lends a hand from one of Britain’s best loved shows, The Secret Life of 5 Year olds. The adorable folks in this ad put on a smashing performance depicting the current state of parliament, poor Jeremy is having a particularly rough time of it! Memorable, and actually quite on point, this lighthearted and somewhat satirical spot definitely wins our vote!


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