Multi-market, multi-platform campaign production launches Superdry’s latest collections

British fashion retailer Superdry commissioned LEAP’s integrated advertising production teams to create multi-platform adaptations to launch their Spring and Summer collections in the UK, France and Germany. The largescale campaign required an agile and flexible workflow and the coordination of our Studio and Production, Film and Post and Language and Culture teams, all expertly overseen by our account management team.

LEAP’s digital production studio lent their expertise in strategic design choices to create the layouts for the animated HTML5 and static online ads. They produced and delivered dozens of banner ads for the Swim, Shirt and Dress collections to complete the digital marketing element of the campaign running across UK and German markets.

Embracing the retro feel of vintage home movies filmed on holiday, our Film and Post team adapted brand design content and split-screen elements to best express Superdry’s brand image and creative objectives. In addition to editing and providing technical quality control for video masters, our team versioned and delivered multiple video assets for the UK, German and French markets to extend the campaign across social media channels.

For multi-market campaigns like Superdry’s Spring and Summer collection launches, localised yet aligned messaging is essential for consumer reach and brand protection. LEAP’s Language and Culture team translated advertising copy and calls to action into French and German and facilitated in-market quality control for video and digital assets. Our centralised Transcreation Account Managers worked closely with our in-market fashion retail experts to ensure localised messaging stayed on-brand, resonated with local audiences and aligned well with our client’s campaigns in the UK and European markets.

LEAP’s integrated production teams are well versed with the challenges of multi-market, multi-platform campaigns. Perfection is paramount for creative and technical execution, deadlines are strict and pre-launch confidentiality is essential. Clear communication and easy access to project managers and producers enable our teams to take requests for multiple revisions and quick turnaround times in their stride. Our dedicated account management team works closely, not only with our internal teams, but also with client brand managers, media agencies and platform owners to smooth the path for a successful campaign launch.

LEAP and Superdry are already looking forward to the continuation of our production partnership through future seasons’ campaigns.

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