Getting carried away with a multichannel campaign for Pick Me Up! Bingo


Following a successful creative pitch, Loveurope and Partners (LEAP) were appointed to produce the first digital OOH campaign for TI Media brand Pick Me Up! Bingo. This was a great example of all of the many teams within LEAP working together to provide expertly managed, integrated services for our client’s multichannel campaign.

Our creative and design team collaborated with our film and post division to develop the concept into the video elements of the story while our studio and production division built the CGI components of the scene. Working from our master creative, the digital and technology team prepared the banner ads and other online assets. Finally, our account managers facilitated delivery to the media owners in the various formats — digital OOH, online and press to bring together all aspects of the multichannel campaign.

Producing the whimsical creative was a fun experience for cast, crew and clients alike. Danny Coster kept everyone’s mood buoyant as he directed the green-screen studio shoot. On set, we rigged up our bingo app-playing heroine into a safety harness and rope-pulled her into the air while she celebrated her online win.

Back in the post-production suites, our VFX editors composited the footage to set the scene in a real-world environment with fantastical elements. Meanwhile, our 3D artists created huge bingo balls and built a giant ‘pier-game’ style claw to pluck the bingo champion from an ordinary bus stop and lift her into the air to enjoy her victory.

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