Multi-channel marketing production for fragrance launch – Mugler Angel EDT

Our dedicated account managers within the Studio and Production team coordinated work on the Angel Eau de Toilette multi-channel fragrance marketing campaign. The UK launch presents a version of the original Angel scent for a new target audience – the sophisticated young professional woman. Angel is a Mugler brand which is part of the Clarins Fragrance Group, and we are proud to say that we have been providing integrated advertising production services to Clarins fragrance and beauty brands since 2009.

For the UK launch of Angel EDT, LEAP’s Film and Post team provided versioning services for the TV and radio commercials including the casting, recording and audio mixing of a British voice-over artist. We also provided adaptations for their in-store displays and social media campaigns. Our account managers and technical QC experts ensured that versions met UK advertising requirements by handling the clearance process and timely delivery of the ads to broadcasters and media owners. Our press campaign work involved colour grading and adapting the client’s master creative to meet UK specifications prior to delivery.

All of our work for fragrance campaigns is done under strict secrecy requirements, so that no spoilers are leaked prior to launch. We are honoured to have earned the trust of Clarins’ brand managers to continue to produce marketing materials for their multi-channel UK fragrance and beauty campaigns.

You can find out more about our work for fragrance and beauty brands, or arrange to speak with an account manager about your next campaign.

multi-channel fragrance campaign press ad Angel EDT

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