Continued Multi-channel Campaign Excellence for Clarins

Clarins is one of the world’s leading skincare brands, and LEAP is proud to have served as their integrated advertising production partner since 2009. Recently, LEAP has supported the latest Clarins Double Serum campaign with production and delivery services across TV, VOD, social channels, digital OOH and press.

Despite the extenuating circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic, very little about the workflows needed to change to successfully complete this project. LEAP has a well-established, secure and stable network of cloud-based servers for media management as well as an effective feedback and approvals system. This, coupled with our tried and tested remote editing stations, enabled the team to smoothly handle everything from file management to final delivery.

Working with the client’s master creative content from Paris, our Film and Post team looked after the localisation of the TV and VOD campaign for the UK market including the creation of a new end card and voice over for the campaign. Dedicated account managers handled the clearance and delivery process to ensure the commercial would be approved for broadcast as well as reach its media channels on time and within the correct technical specifications.

Having cast a brand-approved voice over artist who would be effective for British audiences, LEAP’s producers organised a recording session to take place with LEAP’s audio post-production partner. Although fewer people were physically present in the studio, in accordance with Covid-safe guidelines, the extended team of clients was able to participate remotely to have full involvement and peace of mind.

Once the UK broadcast master was signed off, our editors created more than thirty video adaptations for the multichannel social media and digital OOH campaigns. Meanwhile our digital stills studio created and delivered the required UK master print files for the national press campaign.

As our roster of luxury brand clients have come to expect, LEAP continues to maintain our usual exacting standards for confidentiality, efficiency and excellence throughout the integrated advertising production process.

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