Mileage Millionaires Competition for Star Alliance

Translating a Global Competition for Star Alliance

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Star Alliance looked to creative agency Atomic to help launch their competition called Mileage Millionaires, one of the largest they have undertaken to date. Open to members of all Star Alliance Frequent Flyer Programmes around the globe, this competition needed to be conveyed to all members in a number of different languages. Given our strong relationship with Atomic, we were excited to take on the Star Alliance project.

As the largest project we have ever undertaken for Star Alliance, our skilled languages team were thrilled to take on the challenge of translating all competition copy for all eight needed languages. This required around 60,000 words to be translated, from competition descriptions to terms and conditions, ensuring the Star Alliance brand voice and the excitement around this competition was conveyed in each market.

translating global competition

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