Meet Our Team: Marley

LEAP’s Meet Our Team series features Marley, an 11-year-old labradoodle who’s a very good dog indeed.

Marley, a black labradoodle dog with multicoloured polkadot bandana sitting beside a lake
Can you tell us about your role at LEAP as Head of Wellbeing?

My role in the office? Bringing a smile to everyone’s faces.

What’s your routine?

Saying ‘Hello’ to everybody in the office, quick nap, then having a walk in the park followed by a bit of lunch (making sure I check everybody’s bins for any unwanted leftovers). Another quick nap, then meetings. Finally, train home.

Marley, a black labradoodle dog, drinking from a dog bowl beside the Clerkenwell Park Cafe

How did you get your job? Did you have any special training?

I got on well with colleagues when visiting the office and got the opportunity to come back regularly. Also, I did a six week ‘recall’ training course when I was one-year-old which left me in good stead for travelling around London.

What do you enjoy most about your life at LEAP?

I love the attention and will always lean in for a stroke.

What are your favourite places to hang out in the office?

I like my dog bed beside the Film and Post team or stretching out on the carpet.

Do you have any hidden talents or special skills?

Knowing who needs to de-stress with a canine cuddle and finding scraps of food in the bins.

Marley, a black labradoodle dog with blue rosette sitting in grass beside footpath

Do you have any hobbies or special accomplishments?

I won second prize in the Waggiest Tail Competition at the Heartwood Forest Festival. I have many rosettes at home above my dog bed.

What’s your favourite animal-friendly place in Clerkenwell?

St James’s Church Garden and Spa Fields are great for meeting other dogs.

Marley, a black labradoodle dog panting with an old tennis ball between his paws
How do you stay motivated, or in other words, what keeps your eyes bright and tail wagging?

I have several favourite toys – my newest one being a chewy mince pie-shaped dog toy.

I also enjoy playing games like retrieving the tennis ball. Sometimes, I’m allowed to sleep and snore on the sofa.

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Marley, a black labradoodle dog trying to squeeze himself under a wooden door

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