Meet our Team: Laura Girling

In our continuing series of interviews where we get to know some of the friendly faces on the LEAP team, we meet Account Manager Laura Girling. Laura helps to bridge communications between the clients, designers and developers; working in harmony to deliver fantastic digital marketing materials. Laura started off in our LEAP Chichester offices but has recently relocated to London.

Can you tell us about yourself?

My role is essentially the ‘middle man’ in the office. I am the main point of contact for the client when we are working on projects. I schedule the designers and developers, raise the quotes and invoices, quality check the work that has been done and support the directors in their day-to-day activities. I like to think I bring a lot of energy and fun to the office as I have quite a strong personality.

LEAP's Laura Girling account manager working with Tom Jacobs digital designer
How did you get into the marketing industry?

I started my career in a customer service role and ended up working my way through the company into a marketing role. In that role, I worked alongside a lot of marketing agencies of all different types as the end client. Joining LEAP was a great way to bring together all of my previous experience and work on the other side of the curtain.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I’m essentially a people pleaser, so when we get great feedback from the clients on work we have done, this is my favourite part of my role. It’s also really exciting to see the projects we’ve worked on out in the world.

What is the project you’re most proud of?

The SulNOx rebrand was a great project to work on as we got to rebrand the entire company from start to finish. We are still supporting their ongoing marketing activities, which is a credit to what we are doing for their brand as a whole.

SulNOx brand transformation imagery
What is your favourite ad and why?

My favourite advertisement is the Old Spice ad from 2010. It was just so clever and entertaining, and it drew your attention to actually watch what it was advertising.

Who’s your inspiration?

I’m inspired by any strong female who is trying to make a difference to change things for all women. Women’s empowerment is very important to me. We should all feel confident in our own skin, no matter who we are or what we look like.

How do you stay motivated?

Competition motivates me. And biscuits.

leap mug and plate of biscuits

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in this field?

I’d let them know that you’re not going to please all of the people all the time, but just persevere and don’t be scared to question everything.

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