Meet Our Team: Jake Bullman

We continue our LEAP interview series with Client Services Manager, Jake Bullman. Jake works closely with our integrated production teams to deliver effective advertising to our clients.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role?

As a client services manager, my role is to maintain strong relationships with key clients as well as build new ones with prospective clients. I work very closely with all the teams at LEAP which helps me find innovative solutions to improve our services and deliver more effective advertising campaigns. My job can prove very challenging at times, but there is nothing better than finding the solution to a problem which further develops the relationship with a client.

How did you get into the advertising industry?

I originally started out working in banking as a procurement specialist and later in finance as an accountant, but I decided this wasn’t for me, so I stepped into the world of advertising. Advertising is in my blood as my dad has been a Creative Director for 25 years. I was always a fairly creative person and mixing this with my business knowledge meant I was well suited to client services. 

I owe a lot to the people who believed in my ability to do well. Dave Carter was the main person who helped me to move into the advertising industry, and it turned out to be one of the best things I ever did.

What do you enjoy most about working in advertising?

I love a challenge and the feeling of accomplishment when I find the right solution. When I’m out and about and I see an ad that we’ve worked on, I can happily say “we did that” with a beaming smile. Overall, I like being involved in every step of the journey and working closely with people during the process.

What’s the project you’re most proud of?

I’m proud of everything we produce here at LEAP, but If I had to pick one it would have to be a sustainability project I worked on for an agency, not because it was the biggest or most expensive, but because of the of challenges we faced. We had to create a sustainable exhibition stand for a huge event in Granada, and it ended up winning all the awards in its category!

Sustainability exhibition stand

I also enjoy working regularly with NewDay Financial Services. This has given me the opportunity to work with huge global shopping brands, as well as NewDay’s own brands including Aqua. Our work for NewDay spans almost all our service areas, but I’m a sucker for physical pieces, so my favourite was the life-size hero character we produced.

hero character

What’s your favourite ad and why?

I have so many favourite ads. I think the KFC ads are a stroke of genius, especially the Christmas one! I also think anything Paddy Power does these days is brilliant. It’s often very tongue-in-cheek, but that’s why I love it. It tests people’s boundaries and causes comedic level disruption. I’d give the ‘telepathic bulldog’ and Marmite gene ad honourable mentions as well.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I have the usual football addiction, and I’m an avid golfer and had a handicap of 3 in my heyday. I’ve also played in bands for the last ten years, doing gigs around the south of England, including some festivals here and there.

Who’s your inspiration?

I have an admiration for anyone who does well when the odds are stacked against them (if I can say that without it sounding like a cliché). One recent example is the true grit that Tiger Woods has shown to come back and win a Masters tournament in the face of all his doubters. It is truly astonishing and inspiring.

How do you stay motivated?

My biggest motivator is my team around me because I know I will always have their support, no matter how hard things get, and it’s my job to do the same for them.

Music helps me keep my focus, and I like winding down by playing 5-a-side football or going for a drink with friends and family.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in this field?

My advice would be to never settle for something. If you’re not doing something you enjoy, why are you doing it? When you find your passion, things will click, so never stop searching until you find it. The industry is so broad, and there is something for everyone, but it’s down to an individual to find it. It won’t find you!

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