Meet Our Team: Emily George

LEAP’s Meet our Team interview series introduces Editor Emily George from the LEAP Film and Post Team.

Emily George

How did you get into the advertising industry? What led you to where you are now?

I initially wanted to pursue a career in the equine industry, but after photographing and filming friends with their horses, I realised that I really enjoyed seeing their reactions to content I had created. Whilst at secondary school, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and successfully underwent treatment during my GCSE year. Spending my weekends creating horse videos with friends became a great release from all the hospital appointments, and this was when I decided I wanted to become an editor.

I planned to take Media at A Level but was strongly advised not to by my teachers, who branded media as a ‘soft’ subject. After much discussion, I convinced them to let me onto the course, and later I became the first ever student at my school to achieve an A* in Media. While it’s hard to see any positives in a cancer diagnosis, I will be forever grateful for the focus and confidence the experience gave me to pursue my passions.

The Whale Bowl, promotional short film poster "She belongs in the ocean"

I then studied Film and Television Production at the University of Greenwich, where I directed, produced, and edited my graduate film ‘The Whale Bowl’. The documentary followed the plight of Lolita, the world’s loneliest orca in captivity. I worked alongside several charities and even spoke at marches in London. The film went on to be screened at festivals all around the world, and amongst other awards, it was nominated for a Grierson and Student BAFTA.

Since then, I’ve worked in longform and shortform content, initially in broadcast and then moving over to advertising.

Emily George on a march, demonstrating for the release of Lolita the Orca from captivity

What do you enjoy most about your role/work or advertising and marketing generally?

I really enjoy the variety, fast pace and challenge of every project. There’s always an end goal with video content – to inform, to inspire, to influence; and as Editor, it’s your job to achieve that through how you shape the content.

Do you have any hidden talents or interesting hobbies?

I’m a volunteer Supporting Rider for the Light Cavalry HAC, so most weekends I can be found looking after the horses and troopers at parades and events in Windsor and London. I also compete in local dressage competitions and have recently discovered dressage to music, which I think is the closest you can get to combining horses and editing!

I also love to pick up a paint brush when I find time, oil paint being my favourite, although as you might have guessed, most of my paintings are of horses.

Emily George stands beside her large scale painting of a rearing up grey horse

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in this field?

Be patient, always put 100% into everything you do, treat every experience as a tool for learning, and most importantly, ask lots of questions!

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Emily George riding a dressage horse

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