Meet Our Team: David Poole

The Meet Our Team interview series returns to feature David Poole, Consultant Creative Director of Film and Content.

David Poole
Can you tell us about who you are and what you do?

My principal role at LEAP is to creatively support all film and content production. However, with a background in broadcast, sponsorship, and education, I offer my skills to other areas of the business. Developing concepts and ideas for clients, and engaging team members in the process, is what I find most rewarding.

Following an early career in graphic design, I still maintain a keen interest in photography, typography, and traditional printing crafts. The passion extends to all kinds of design, particularly 1950/60’s architecture and interiors, Italian cars and motorcycles, and British art movements.

I currently live in North London but escape to countryside seeking outside space whenever I have an opportunity! 

David Poole Moto Giro Lake Garda

How did you get into the advertising industry and what led you to where you are now?

I studied to be a graphic designer but have also worked professionally as a cartographer and photographer. A total of 30 years employed by the BBC and Sky through various roles, led me to eventually become responsible for the design and promotional output of Sky’s entertainment channels. I then formed my own business providing creative solutions, principally for the broadcast industry, but subsequently for a variety of independent production companies and agencies.

My experience of delivering seminars both here and abroad, providing creative advice to industry, and running practical workshops prepared me to become a university lecturer in creative media, which I did for three years. However, I missed the ‘front line’ aspect of working with clients and production teams.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The most enjoyable aspect of this role is variety. Being faced with different projects, different people, and different challenges is great fun, with the opportunity to share and discuss ideas whilst imparting knowledge and experience.

How do you boost your creativity?

For me, escapism boosts creativity which is represented by immersing myself in classic car or motorcycle tinkering, or sometimes rummaging through my garage full of spare parts. It transports me into a safe and comfortable world where I’m able to relax and let creative ideas float to the surface.

David Poole with classic car at Goodwood Revival 2014

What advice would you give to others looking to develop their creativity?

Be driven by passion.

People will see that if you express enthusiasm and commitment, you’ll always bring an extra dimension to any job. So, if you don’t have any passion, develop some!

When you come up with an idea or concept, turn it on its head and look at it from another direction. If it’s a drawing or design, look at its reflection in a mirror. The more you do this, the more aware and objective you’ll become.

Describe your creative place.

I get distracted by everything around me, hence my nickname of ‘tangent man’. So, to be creative I need to be in a dark and quiet place, free from people and chatter!

What are the projects you’re most proud of?

In the past, creation of the Sky Arts channel brand together with the launch of other Sky channels were key milestones in my career.

At LEAP, the initial films I made such as ‘Who We Are’ for CIMA, as well as the first and second crowdfunding films for Daisy Green were truly memorable in a great way. The subsequent success of the crowdfunding videos for Daisy Green has been very gratifying.

There are sure to be many other exciting projects to come.

CIMA brand film - skater

DaisyGreen_Crowdfunding_Prue Freeman walking towards camera

What’s your favourite ad and why?

I don’t have a favourite ad, but as a child of the ‘60s, I love the simplicity, directness, and clever messaging of outdoor advertising at that time. Particularly the ‘Think Small’ Volkswagen campaigns.

Do you have any hidden talents or do something else that’s important to you?

My passion for old automobilia never wains. It has led me to compete in many demanding classic motorcycle and car races around the world, raising money for a variety of charities.

David Poole motorcycle race

I was also commissioned to design a 1930’s style body for a vintage Bentley, which has now been over five years in production!

For the last 22 years I’ve enjoyed exciting, challenging, and rewarding times as a voting member of Bafta, constantly feeling very privileged to be part of such a revered organisation.

David Poole Bentley Chassis design

Who’s your inspiration?

Designer, restaurateur, retailer and writer Terence Conran, the British ‘Pop Art’ movement at the Royal College of Art in the 1960’s, and automotive designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. However, I am constantly inspired by the people I work with and the world around me.

When does creative inspiration usually strike?

In the evening, lying down with my eyes closed, unwinding from a busy day.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in this field?

For the last 30 years I’ve been telling everyone that ‘every job is a good job’. Meaning, do it to the best of your ability and make it something you are proud of, whether it be a marketing campaign, title sequence or a humble name caption.

How do you stay motivated?

I am the eternal optimist, feeling I can successfully do anything I put my hand to. The reality is that I don’t always succeed, nevertheless the experience it brings motivates me to constantly strive further. Whilst lecturing, imparting knowledge and seeing how students take advice and guidance was also a fantastic motivator.

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David Poole Classic Adelaide Torana GTR 2008

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