Meet our Creatives: Vandana Pankhania

As part of our continuing series of interviews where we find out more about the creative inspirations, influences and expressions of the friendly faces behind LEAP, we would like to introduce Vandana Pankhania, our head of languages.

Vandana is a language adaptations specialist and you can converse with her in English, Gujarati, Hindi, Spanish and French about your translation and transcreation needs. You could even throw in a bit of Swahili or Russian (if you’re feeling lucky!). Her role in managing language and cultural adaptations for international advertising campaigns is enhanced by her innate curiosity about cultures around the world. The work she coordinates for transcreation and creative translation requires the understanding, appreciation and expression of creativity in order to make her clients’ messaging resonate effectively across cultures.

You’ve impressed us with your multilinguistic skills, do you have any hidden talents?

I’m a keen baker, but you probably didn’t know that I am also a florist. I create unique, bespoke flower arrangements for weddings and occasions. I like to put a fun twist to make superhero button holes, add Lego constructions to bridal bouquets, and craft winter wonderland-themed hair pieces.



What are your creative tools?

My creative tools are flowers, wire cutters, unusual beading and quirky figurines.

When does creative inspiration usually strike?

I love to explore new cultures and cuisines, so inspiration usually comes when I’m trying the signature dish of an up-and-coming chef, foraging for berries (read: picking and eating!) or walking through the winding streets of some tiny town. Speaking to locals and exploring different cultures opens the mind to other types of creativity, be they five hundred years old or recently displayed – it’s creativity in action.


Do you do anything special to boost your creativity?

I get a huge kick from furthering my linguistic knowledge – learning how the etymology of a phrase we commonly use is connected to multiple cultures in history. I love being able to link an ancient saying to modern times and find it’s still totally relevant. I may be a linguist geek, but discovering this type of knowledge usually leads me to be drawn to an unknown culture/civilisation and further research will inspire my projects thereafter.

On a more straightforward level, Pinterest is great for triggering creativity, and I love to visit flower markets in the middle of the night!



Briefly describe your creative place.

Depending on the commission, I may take over the whole house to transform it into my creative workshop. I need a lot of space to make all those floral arrangements, with leaves and beads flying around everywhere!

Who’s your inspiration?

With the range of interests I have, my inspiration can never be a single person, but rather multiple people who have made a difference to their own societies and to that of others. I admire people who are confident in themselves, even if they are not completely understood by others, and it makes me want to make an impact in my life. There are figures in history who, when we get caught up in the daily grind, remind us of what we should aspire to be, whether that’s in the creative world or the personal.

When it comes to my floristry projects, I get a lot of inspiration from creative hairdressers (you’d be surprised) and learning from the talent at the RHS Chelsea Flower show.

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