Meet Our Creatives: Julian Dye

As part of our ongoing series of interviews where we find out more about the creative inspirations, influences and expressions of the friendly faces behind Loveurope and Partners (LEAP), we present, Julian Dye. Julian is a digital designer based in our Chichester offices, and you may be familiar with his work on our projects for Thames Water and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

How do you express your creativity inside the workplace? What is it about your role that requires creativity? 

The main responsibility and challenge of my role is to solve problems and create better experiences for the users and consumers of the products that I work on. Creativity is a very important factor as we always strive to design the most visually appealing and desirable work for our clients. Ultimately however, my focus has to be on problem-solving. That means spending the time to really get to the bottom of a particular problem, challenge or requirement – to sweat the small stuff – to be able to arrive at the clearest, most appropriate and usable way to achieve a client’s goals and deliver a great experience to the user.

How do you express your creativity outside the workplace?

Outside of work, I enjoy tinkering in DIY and building projects, in woodwork or electronics (all very much at an amateur level but satisfying nonetheless). Last year, I designed and built a bar-top arcade machine using real arcade controls and hardware and a Raspberry Pi.

Julan Dye homemade arcade game

What are your creative tools?

I mainly work on a Mac using Adobe Creative Cloud software, primarily Photoshop and Illustrator. I wouldn’t call myself an artist, but I do often use pen and paper to create scamps of web page layouts and user journeys.

When does creative inspiration usually strike?

Whenever I find that I have hit a creative block, I can do my best problem solving and thinking in the evening at home, when the rest of my family has gone to bed, sat on the sofa with an iPad, pen, notepad and some home improvement programme on the TV.

Do you do anything special to boost your creativity?

Listening to music definitely helps me focus and get into the creative ‘zone’. I also listen to a lot of podcasts to help broaden my creative knowledge and design approach. I like podcasts focused on design, such as DesignBetter.Co as well as programmes focused on news, technology and reporting, such as This American Life.

Briefly describe your creative place.

I generally need an organised space to get my work done and be at my most productive. My creative place is: a tidy desk, plenty of space and, preferably, lots of natural light. I work better with others around me and with a good rock playlist running in the background.

Who’s your inspiration?

I don’t have any particular, individual inspirations. I get my general inspiration from the design community as a whole, via platforms such as Dribbble, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I browse these communities daily and take inspiration from their collective outputs.


Julan Dye homemade arcade game in action

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