Loveurope x Joseph Lattimer

Our last Instagram takeover was carried out by Joseph Lattimer, a talented illustrator who delighted us with fantastic Halloween-themed animated videos.

Joseph combines his experience in motion graphics design, character animation, and love for the bold and ridiculous to craft bright, energetic work.

Taking influence from music and travel, he is very interested in storytelling and adds great personality to all of his films. Interested in shaping obscure concepts with stand-out graphics and a sense of humour, Joseph’s work has an entertaining and memorable sensibility met with a polished and colourful aesthetic.

To get to know John’s personality better, we asked him a few questions to learn more about his work.

Describe your art style in three words

Bold, playful, and energetic

What’s the strangest thing that’s inspired you on a piece of work?

I love finding faces in inanimate objects. It’s really entertaining when they pop out at me in buildings and machinery and they can have so much character. I imagine voices and stories for them and sometimes let them inspire my work. #joeseesfaces

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? 

Green is a favourite for me. It makes me feel calm and reminds me of the outdoors – like going on an adventure.

What would be your dream brief from a client?

As most of my work is digital, lately I’m feeling drawn to expanding more into physical projects – printed books, environments or toys. I’d love to have a chance to experiment more with this!

You’re putting on a Scary movie night, what three films are on the billing?

I love the retro, nostalgic scary movies like Alien, so we can start with that. 28 Days Later was really well done, and I’ll throw in Spirited Away for a twist – I guess it’s not traditionally scary but some pretty freaky stuff happens.

Thanks a lot for having me this Halloween and please give me a follow at:

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