Love’s Favourite New Ads

HomeAway – It’s Your Holiday, Why Share it?

First on our list is the latest campaign by Saatchi and Saatchi for HomeAway, a holiday home sharing business with a difference. In this clever ad Saatchi & Saatchi have worked on the insight that sharing your holiday with a stranger is no fun. In response, they do away with the niceties of the ‘sharing economy’ and distinguish HomeAway from similar brands such as Airbnb.

Water Aid – Hope Locker

We’re well-aware that this video may not get anyone’s creative juices flowing, but this is all about the idea. Behaviour change is a tough feat to tackle, especially when it comes to getting people to do things for anyone other than themselves. However, by applying smart technology to a difficult problem Proximity London and Water Aid have come up with an innovative, and more importantly simple, idea to encourage people to let their pennies (or pounds) go.

Netflix – Frank Underwood Campaign

In a fantastically clever move by BBH and Netflix, the two companies decided to hijack CNN’s republican candidate debate to promote the new season of House of Cards. The television ad, which was broadcast before the debate, is a highly convincing campaign encouraging viewers to vote Frank Underwood for president. Well, he certainly beats Donald Trump doesn’t he?

Rebtel – Speak Freely

Millennials have been a consistently hot topic in advertising for what feels like, well, a millennium now and Swedish calling app company, Rebtel, have something to say about it. This ad pokes fun at the many campaigns out there desperately trying to target the coveted millennial generation. It was created in-house on a $15,000 budget entirely from stock footage. What a way to get your message across.

Google Play – California Inspires Me

Continuing with the ‘California Inspires Me’ series Google and BBH decided to bring in a new man for the job: James Franco. And who doesn’t love James Franco? The animated film features the infamous Palo Altonion talking us through the ways California has inspired him to do what he wants to do, leaving us with the feeling that maybe the American Dream still has a place out there.

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