Providing Lockdown Compliant Localisation for Church & Dwight

The Finishing Touch Flawless® brand leads the American market for women’s electric hair removal products, and they are sold in more than 30 other countries. Church & Dwight, brand owners since 2019, wanted British audiences to connect with the newest additions to their specialty haircare portfolio including Nair hair remover. Having entrusted LEAP with the localisation of campaigns for Waterpik, another of their personal care brands, Church & Dwight commissioned our integrated production teams to look after the transcreation and versioning of their latest UK social media marketing campaigns.

Work on these campaigns commenced just as pandemic response restrictions were coming into force. Fortunately, LEAP’s major investments in secure virtual server technology and producer-managed, remote editing workflows allowed us to provide continuity for our clients.

The brand owners provided our Film and Post team with the American commercials for Finishing Touch Flawless® Facial Hair Remover and Finishing Touch Flawless® Brows. Mindful of the social platforms’ rules on the advertising content of beauty ads, we worked closely with the clients to craft two series of short ads for YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

To ensure that the videos would resonate in the local market, we collaborated with our Language and Culture team. A specialist copywriter re-wrote the scripts while our producer cast a British voiceover artist to deliver the lines.

Our chosen VO artist fits well with the brand and, despite the lockdown restrictions, was able to record in a properly calibrated recording studio. Making use of video conferencing apps, LEAP producers and brand clients were able to join the session remotely. LEAP’s usual audio post-production partner created the sound mix to meet the technical requirements of the media platforms, thus maintaining high standards and lockdown compliance.

As an added service, our digital consultant set up the brand’s UK YouTube and Twitter channels. Consulting with the clients, we made sure these were in keeping with brand guidelines.

Despite the easing of lockdown restrictions and the eventual re-opening of beauty salons, many shoppers were still seeking beauty treatments they could use in the comfort of their own homes. Church & Dwight thus re-commissioned LEAP to revise some of the best-performing ads to incorporate new ‘at home’ messaging and graphics. They also added a new product to the roster and provided us with the American infomercial to begin the adaptation and versioning process anew.

Our producers again mobilised our copywriter, VO artist, editor and audio postproduction partner to update the marketing messages for Finishing Touch Flawless® Facial Hair Remover and Finishing Touch Flawless® Brows as well as craft a new series of social ads for Finishing Touch Flawless® Dermaplane Glow. LEAP delivered this new raft of content to the client’s social media agency, Wavemaker which set the media plan into action.

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