Localising Tropicana – CGI/VFX Product Pack Replacements

Before Tropicana and their advertising agency could bring their Tropicana Pure Premium commercial to international audiences, they needed to make sure the product packaging and branding would match designs in local markets. The original creative was filmed with US audiences in mind, so packaging sizes, shapes and brand design artwork reflected the products available in domestic markets rather than global ones. To avoid a costly re-shoot, they needed a CGI/VFX approach to localise the look and feel for the UK market. They turned to our CGI/VFX team for product pack replacements, artwork changes and other finishing touches.

Our CGI/VFX team worked with the brand’s London-based advertising agency to localise and adapt all of the Tropicana branding and pack shots within the TVC by replacing existing US content with new artwork. Our compositors swapped bottles for cartons, small cartons for larger ones and changed the Tropicana signs in the diner and tramcars to show updated branding designs.

The campaign was a success and the agency returned to our CGI/VFX and production team when it was time to come up with a new creative approach based within a photoreal 3D CGI environment, this time for the US and Canadian markets. Take a look behind the scenes in this case study.

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