LEAP, Total Media and Slack: localisation of multi-channel marketing – Part 2

In an earlier post, we shared the first part of the story of how we worked in partnership with Total Media to provide localisation services for the international, multi-channel campaign for Slack, the cloud-based, business collaboration software. After completing the initial planning and workflow integration with Slack’s own application, the team moved seamlessly on to the commercial adaptation process. This involved the full use of our video post-production team.

Our versioning services included laying back the newly-recorded voiceovers to picture and ensuring legal and technical compliance with international broadcasting regulations. For this campaign, we were also tasked with creating and animating user-interface graphics using region-specific, Slack-branded emojis. Each of the different international edits required its own set of carefully-timed animations. With support from our language account managers, our motion graphics editors ensured that despite the regional differences, the British, French and German versions remained in keeping with the original American commercial.


Our producers and account managers coordinated the administrative requirements for broadcast including submissions for pre- and final clearance, as well as facilitating digital deliveries of five variations of the master ad across several TV and VOD channels, in all relevant markets, including to the clients themselves. In addition to fulfilling the briefs for the broadcast and online video platforms, our digital and social teams produced further elements to support the programmatic campaign. We developed subtitled videos and special file conversions of banner ads to match the technical specifications of the target platforms.

Moreover, our integrated teams supported the press and outdoor elements of the multi-channel marketing push. Our press production team processed the client assets: providing colour checks, creating proofs and delivering seven creative masters and adaptations to their required publications in the UK and Germany. For the UK outdoor campaign, we handled printing and delivery plus digital OOH files for display at key sites around the country. We were even able to offer additional support from our design team to ensure perfection for the posters and taxi-wraps.

This project truly harnessed the broad abilities of our integrated production teams. We provided smooth and seamless account management across all service areas and collaborations. Our expertise and dedication helped Total Media to run an international, multi-channel campaign which connected Slack with their target audience in each local market.

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Slack outdoor advertising poster localised campaign platform

Slack outdoor advertising poster localised campaign tube station

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