LEAP Produces Refreshed DRTV ad for Waterpik


Following our successful transcreation and delivery of an American Waterpik commercial for the UK market, brand owners Church and Dwight commissioned LEAP to refresh the DRTV campaign. Although an American actress introduces the product in the original version, the new UK commercial would need to feature a dental professional. Producing a commercial during the pandemic presented a range of challenges, but LEAP’s Film and Post team found effective solutions.

Our producers worked closely with the clients’ detailed brief and a casting agent to research and identify dental professionals in the UK who would be keen to audition. From a long list of twenty, the production team conducted a virtual casting session to finally select dental surgeon, Dr. Suzie Boulos. Including a dental professional in the British campaign reinforced the oral hygiene benefits of the Waterpik water flosser, thereby strengthening the campaign message. Dr. Boulos had no previous acting experience, so our directors worked closely with her on the shoot day to ensure she was comfortable, confident and consistent in her performances throughout the day.

Filming in a medical setting during the pandemic would be problematic since most dental surgeries were fully booked after the easing of lockdown restrictions. Fortunately, LEAP was able to secure a green screen studio and obtain suitable background imagery to composite into the scene. In fact, using green screen technology allowed for greater control in post-production as well as more flexibility for the clients to decide the overall look of the finished commercial.

Our small, multi-talented crew followed the Covid-safe filming guidelines provided by the Advertising Production Association. Working in consultation with the clients, one representative attended the shoot and liaised with the extended remote team. Thus, we were able to minimise the number of people required to be on set whilst still ensuring a smooth-running shoot and approvals system.

LEAP’s investment in secure cloud-based media servers and remote workstations allowed the post-production team to craft the edit away from our in-studio editing suites. Our experienced VFX artist and colourist completed the matte painting, compositing and other finishing touches in close consultation with creative director, Danny Coster. LEAP’s producers dialled into the sound mixing session with our audio post-production partner and set up virtual review sessions for client feedback and sign off. Physical distancing restrictions did not hinder the collaborative post-production process.

As part of our localisation and delivery services, our producer also handled broadcast clearance. This was particularly important because British advertising codes have strict rules in place for any commercial presenting claims about a product’s effectiveness.

The resourcefulness and experience of LEAP’s Film and Post team allowed for an efficient and seamless experience for the production and delivery of the refreshed Waterpik DRTV campaign. LEAP continue to provide advertising production services for other brands in the Church and Dwight family including Finishing Touch Flawless®.

Find out more about LEAP’s fully account-managed commercial versioning services in this short video.

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