LEAP Print and Promotions support tech firm Yoti’s UK media launch

Innovative tech company Yoti is on a mission to become the world’s most trusted identity platform, so we were honoured that they entrusted LEAP Print and Promotions to support their UK-wide media launch. Set up as a digital identity platform which makes it quicker, easier and safer for businesses to verify and authenticate their customers, Yoti are already the official identity provider for Jersey. They have also been working with businesses, both on-line and in other regions, to facilitate the compliance with laws requiring proof of age for the purchase of goods and services.

LEAP produced Yoti’s print marketing materials, delivering 15,000 merchant packs containing variants of identification cards, window stickers, flyers and bespoke envelopes to various retailers across the UK. Our project managers handled the complicated logistics of this unique undertaking to the delight of the clients. The print marketing campaign achieved an 86% sign up rate among shops that received the merchant packs.

As Yoti roll out to stores and businesses across the country, you may spot our printed promotional materials in locations near you.

Yoti print promotions

Yoti digital ID printed collateralYoti digital ID printed collateral

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