Creative Services Spotlight: LEAP Managed Worldwide Print Partner Network

In this month’s Creative Services Spotlight, we look at how our worldwide network of managed print partnerships helps marketers meet the ever-increasing demands to deliver communication assets across a far-reaching and fast paced media landscape.

With increasingly powerful worldwide digital communication networks, the transfer of digital assets has never been easier, but how do we bring these technological advantages to the world of printed media? Quite simply, we move the file, not the print.

One point of contact. Worldwide print and delivery

For more than 25 years, our Client Service Managers (CSMs), have worked alongside our international clients to build a network of trusted print partners to deliver locally to their worldwide offices and media owners, all controlled from our central London hub. Not only does this satisfy the need for speed and value, but it also leaves a far smaller carbon footprint than conventional print and distribution methods.

digital print interface

Smart Technology

To effectively operate a 24/7/365 connected solution, we developed and launched StudioPrint. This is part of our extensive suite of LOOP production management technology. Within StudioPrint, clients can order from an extensive fixed catalogue of standard print, promotional and merchandising items based on standardised pricing matrices. Bespoke and out-of-scope volume projects can be briefed, tracked, approved and delivered via the RFQ function within the system.

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Quality assured global network

For UK-based activity including digital print, personalisation, finishing and distribution, we have our own purpose-built facility based in The Royal Arsenal Dock, Greenwich. This facility is integrated into the global HP partner alliance of specialist printers, giving LEAP direct access to over 7,500 presses in 4,700 sites across 120 countries globally.

We have established a dedicated global network of print partners who are fully on-boarded with our clients’ exacting quality standards. These partners have been selected because of proximity to our clients’ local offices, best value and quality standards. All partners are managed centrally but are equally able to support directly on a local level where required (for very fast-turnaround projects such as overnight and weekend work).

Our print partner locations include London, Vienna, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Madrid, Houston, and Miami. We are also adding to our Asia-Pacific network in Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong. 

Managed Print Partner locations

Benefits to our clients

Our integrated and flexible approach means that we can instantly move files to local print partners in virtually any country around the world, with the guarantee of identical ink and transfer technology to provide 100% colour reproduction guarantees. This ensures a highly reactive, quality assured service model for every client, which delivers the following business advantages:

  • Guaranteed print quality and consistency levels
  • Best value and maximum total savings
  • Smart technology for streamlined reporting and total transparency
  • Seamless transition from in-house model to outsourced contract
  • Locally-focused solutions built around our clients’ requirements to ensure rapid response on a global basis

For more details about our expertise in print, visit our Print and Promotions Services page and explore our news and case studies for more examples of our excellent work.

Speak with our client services team about your print production requirements.

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