LEAP X Clarins: An Advertising Production Partnership with a Strong Foundation

LEAP has served as Clarins’ integrated advertising production partner since 2009. Our latest project with the premium skincare brand required the collaboration of several production teams under the supervision of our beauty account directors. The multichannel campaign for Clarins Everlasting Youth Foundation Fluid needed to reach UK audiences across press, digital OOH, broadcast video on demand and online platforms.

LEAP’s post-production versioning team took charge of the video versioning workflow. LEAP’s producers arranged the casting, recording and negotiated usage for a British voice over artist to represent the brand in the UK market. Our editors created adaptations suitable for use as bumpers, commercials and cutdowns, as well as social media messaging – 30 video formats in total. Working closely with the clients in attendance as well as through our secure, confidential online approvals system, LEAP ensured that the versions added variety yet maintained consistent messaging across the campaign.

Working with the brand’s master creative assets, our reprographics experts took care of adaptations and delivery to British Vogue. Available in 24 shades, Everlasting Youth Fluid is for all women, so LEAP’s colour experts needed to provide our client with quality assurance that the press ad would be a true and perfect reproduction of the brand’s design.

Our digital studio handled DOOH preparations allowing the client to select an option that would best present the campaign creative as either a subtle animation in line with roadside format regulations or as a static image. Clarins don’t often include this format in their marketing mix, but LEAP’s digital project managers were able to deliver the quality and technical assurance for an effective out of home activation.

Over the years, we have supported Clarins with gorgeous looking campaigns across their product ranges and media plans. See other examples of our work with Clarins here.

Learn more about LEAP’s fully account-managed advertising production services in our introductory video.

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Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid Vogue ad "Skin care with added glow"

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