Is Your Brand Ready for the Video Revolution?

Video content is becoming utterly inescapable as it permeates through websites, social media platforms, advertisements, apps, and just about everything else in the digital space.

Cisco has previously predicted that by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be driven by video content. By 2020, more than one million minutes of video will be uploaded every single second.

The bottom line is this: Video is about to win the content war.

This exciting statistic, however, means that brands are facing an all too familiar dilemma. Much in the same way that there is currently a superabundance of text-based content online, making it extremely difficult for materials to reach their intended audience, brands will soon have an equally difficult time getting their videos to gain traction.

This is exactly why companies need to begin turning to professional services like LEAP for creative and dynamic video content.

Through industry expertise and active experience in finding the most compelling video elements, LEAP develops cinematics that are smart, innovative, and engaging marketing materials that deliver on a brand’s KPIs.

Adding to its video acumen, LEAP also brings animatics and animation skills to the table along with character development and transcreation services to help videos reach foreign markets.

Video content will soon dominate the web. The only question is: Will your videos dominate all competitors, or will they fall victim to superior content?

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