International Localisation and Versioning for Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video needed a production partner that could meet their requirements for speed, agility, and quality assurance to accommodate the high volume and quick turn-around timings of trailer campaigns for content on their streaming platform. Since 2020, LEAP have been supporting Amazon Prime Video with video asset production to localise movie and TV series trailers for their international audiences.

Localisation and Versioning of Trailer video campaigns - example from Tales from The Loop

Using RoboHead, the client’s project and asset management portal, LEAP’s producers work with Amazon Prime Video’s London office to manage the production of localised video ads which are shown in their mainland European and Nordic territories. Our Film and Post team provide post-production services to edit trailers and add the Amazon Prime Video branding required for the relevant locale. Our Language and Culture team provide additional support to sense check and, if necessary, to transcreate subtitles and voice-overs. LEAP’s transcreation account managers also use our international network of local experts to identify any potential cultural concerns as well as to check subtitles for linguistic quality.

Localisation and Versioning of Trailer video campaigns - The Office USA - for Amazon Prime Video

LEAP handles the challenges of this type of work with friendly efficiency. Projects are often time-sensitive because deadlines coincide with the launch of a film or TV series. LEAP has the agility required to respond with quick, quality-checked file delivery. LEAP’s extensive experience with international video versioning workflows means that our account managers are able to provide peace of mind to our client’s multiple stakeholders including campaign managers, producers and marketing managers.

Speak with our client services team about your international localisation production and delivery requirements.

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