Integrated marketing services for a nation of tea drinkers with Tetley and Spark44

Recent years have seen a major shift in the UK’s drinking habits with cold drinks outselling hot beverages for the first time in 2017 (Kantar Worldpanel). With this in mind, Tetley decided to launch Tetley Cold Infusions in the UK as well as give a marketing push for their Super Tea range. Their agency, Spark44 commissioned LEAP to provide integrated advertising production services to support their campaigns.

Work on the multi-channel campaigns included animating digital banners for online and OOH as well as providing production and post of live-action content for social media platforms. We also provided photography and previsualisation services. The skill and agility of our integrated teams enabled us to deliver all of the campaign elements to the media owners on time and on budget.

Working closely with the agency creatives, our digital design teams and coders produced a series of four rich media billboard banners. For Super Green Tea Immune, a particular challenge was to give the impression of text washing away on rainy window, before revealing the product pack shot. Our designers enabled viewers to practically feel the restorative experience of Tetley Super Tea on a soggy day.

For the ‘How Do You Shake It’ set of social films, our film and post team organised and directed a studio shoot featuring a washing machine and people using gym equipment to show three amusing ways to shake your reusable water bottle and enjoy Tetley Cold Infusions.

Next, we transformed a studio green room into a cosy living room and a hallway into a welcoming home entrance to tell two revitalising Super Tea stories. Filming these scenarios would usually have taken place on location during a second shoot-day, but we were able to maximise the budget, team and location with a single, long day’s shoot.


As well as filming five different creative treatments in a single day, we produced beautiful pack shots to complete the stories. A special addition to our team was a liquid specialist who ensured that the products looked their best. Although it is easy for consumers to shake and enjoy Tetley Cold Infusions, it was a much more complex process to capture the infusion process on camera.

The success of the initial campaign work encouraged Spark44 to commission LEAP’s integrated production services to provide additional campaign assets.

Find out more about our Film and Post services here. Find out more about our Digital production services here.

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