LEAP, Total Media and Slack: Providing integrated advertising production to localise a global campaign – Part 1

Working in partnership with Total Media, we provided integrated advertising production services to localise an international, multi-channel brand awareness campaign for Slack, the American software company. Together, we supported the brand’s marketing push across TV broadcast, social media, digital, outdoor, and press ads in the UK, France, Germany and Australia.

While there are often many challenges for clients to participate in the localisation process, we offered numerous ways to facilitate their needs. Slack develops cloud-based, business collaboration tools, so our client was pleased that we incorporated their software into our project management workflow. As they are based several time zones away, this allowed for seamless file transfers, the avoidance of costly international calls and the potential for confusing email threads.

The multi-faceted campaign involved many specialist departments within our integrated advertising team, including video post-production, press production, digital design, and account management. The global nature of the project meant that our language and culture team was key across all asset channels.


Slack’s main requirement for localisation was to retain the character and tone of the campaign whilst ensuring that the broadcast and online video adaptations would resonate with local audiences. This would maintain brand consistency and international effectiveness. To fulfill this brief, our language and culture team coordinated multi-market voiceover castings to provide a selection of voices and negotiated the terms and rates for usage with artists’ agencies. For an extra level of reassurance, we submitted the options to a panel of listeners whose further scrutiny helped our client determine which ones would best represent the brand.

From our London HQ, we coordinated voiceover recordings and audio post-production for the UK and each local market, selecting studios best equipped to allow Slack’s localisation team to dial-in from California and participate fully in the sessions. Our multilingual team provided language direction in French, German and, of course, English. When our cultural consultants identified the need to adjust the Australian script, we were able to make it more locally relevant. We also offer a music licensing service, so we undertook this work on behalf of Slack’s creative agency.

LEAP’s understanding of the many creative processes involved in advertising localisation gave us the unique ability to go above and beyond the job’s original requirements. By handling additional services, we gave the client a much smoother experience and greater peace of mind.

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