Informative video for Spindle blockchain investment platform

Black Star Capital are a large trade finance firm based in Tokyo and London, with leading expertise in the origination, structuring and management of trade finance transactions in the global market. They commissioned us to produce an informative video for their new blockchain investment platform called ‘Spindle’.

We were briefed to create and deliver a narrated video which would attract more investors by explaining, in an authoritative and clear way, what the platform does. Our account managers oversaw the development and completion of the sleek-looking animated content within a tight time frame. They also fostered a smooth-running experience for our new clients. To supplement the video, our print and promotions team produced postcards for distribution at the first screening.

The informative short film premiered at an exclusive, invitation-only event for potential investors and successfully raised additional capital for the launch of the Spindle investment platform.

SPINDLE informative video globe graphic Spindle informative video graphic

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