A helping hand for Liberis brand expansion

Liberis is a FinTech company that provides small businesses with accessible and responsive finance. Founded in 2007, they are a leading partner for embedded business finance across the UK, US and Europe. When Liberis wanted to extend their brand appeal to promote their revenue-based finance offer to a wider market, they selected LEAP as their creative production partner and we embarked on an ambitious brand expansion project.


Liberis brand guidelines book excerpts


Carefully working through their existing core visuals to see where value could be added, we collaborated with the Liberis team to create a new brand guide and a bank of assets for use across their advertising and communications. The ideation stage began with a concept for imagery which fed into producing a set of icons as well as developing the brand’s tone of voice and messaging.



Our “helping hand of Liberis” creative concept also provided the foundation for a bespoke set design and photoshoot that enabled us to build a bank of compelling visuals with consistent styling. We then produced a customer case study video which incorporated the helping hand visual language. Harnessing the power of positive experiences, the case study testimonial video established a dynamic template for current Liberis clients to address the needs and concerns of future clients.


In addition to these assets, we created a suite of design and messaging templates for website landing pages, PDF case studies, articles and emails for each stage of the prospect and customer journey. All the materials tied in with detailed guidance to ensure that ongoing content and comms production stayed consistent with the new vibrant branding.

Liberis now has a wealth of visual and messaging assets, an array of templates and clear, cohesive guidelines to empower their team to reinforce the brand identity across every piece of marketing and communications. New client testimonial videos replicating the initial case study format continue to add authenticity to their offer and strengthen their brand voice as they extend their reach to new potential customers.

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Liberis purple icons - cash, target, briefcase, piggy bank, calendar, light bulb pop out of box, head with lid & thoughts, handshake, puzzle with rosette, trophey, slinky arch, rocket ship

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