Helping businesses adapt during the Coronavirus

We are here to support you.

At LEAP, we’re under no illusions about the difficult road ahead for people and businesses.

The marketing plans we all had in February 2020 suddenly feel like they were drafted in a parallel universe.

Everyone is frantically looking for the right way to react, respond and rethink their business in an unsettling, and frankly weird new world – and we’re no different. Like so many other businesses and individuals right now, we’re doing the best we can to find ways to help the situation.

For businesses who have found their entire marketing and advertising strategy thrown into disarray, we’re helping them rapidly adapt; reversioning, repurposing, and where necessary, recreating their assets.

Research shows that companies that remain present and engage with relevant messages can emerge from a challenging period of crisis with a stronger brand.*

We are acutely aware of the commercial realities brought about by the current situation and are more financially flexible than ever to help in these challenging times.

We’re here, ready to react.

We can help you with:

  • Post-production video editing
  • Temporary landing pages and microsites
  • Social media advertising and assets
  • Creative, design and artworking
  • HTML email design & build
  • Radio advertising
  • Digital banners
  • Animation
  • Retouching
  • Global translation services
  • Illustrations

Get in contact today with our team who are ready and assembled to take your call and help you with your project.

*Source: IPSOS, Coronavirus & Behaviour Change

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